Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory
- In the Sky for November 2017 -

Source: EVAC November Newsletter

The Moon & Planets: 

  • On Friday, November 3, at 5:43 PM (8 minutes after sunset), the full Moon rises, spoiling any chance of finding faint fuzzies for the night. Later that night, at 9:39 PM, the Moon occults a 4th magnitude star, Mu Ceti. The star reappears at 10:50 PM. This will be an occultation by the full Moon, so it will be easiest to see with a big telescope at high power.

  • On Friday, November 10, the Moon is at last quarter phase, and rises at 12:13 AM (Saturday).

  • On Saturday, November 11, at 10:02 AM, the Moon occults a 1st magnitude star, Regulus. The star reappears at 11:01 AM. This is a daylight occultation, so a big telescope, high power, and a tracking mount will all be useful.

  • On Monday, November 13, about 6:30 AM, you can see Venus and Jupiter less than 1/2 a degree apart. Look low above the east-southeast for the pair.

  • On Saturday, November 18, it is new Moon and you have all night to hunt for faint fuzzies.

  • On Sunday, November 26, the Moon is at first quarter phase and sets at 12:36 AM (Monday).

Evening Planets (after sunset): 

  • Mercury, SW
  • Saturn, SW
  • Neptune, SE
  • Uranus, E

Morning Planets (before sunrise): 

  • Mars, SE
  • Jupiter, E
  • Venus, E

Phases of the Moon: 

Phase Date Current Moon Info
Full Moon November 4

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Last Quarter Moon November 10
New Moon November 18
First Quarter Moon November 26


There are no comets brighter than magnitude 8 visible this month.


The Leonid meteor shower peaks on November 17. Under dark skies, expect about 10 meteors per hour. There will be a New Moon just a day afterwards, so moonlight will not interfere.