Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory
- In the Sky for January 2018 -

Source: EVAC January Newsletter

The Moon & Planets: 

  • On Wednesday, January 31, a total Lunar eclipse will be visible from the Pacific Rim beginning at 4:48 am MT.

Evening Planets (after sunset): 

  • Neptune, SW
  • Uranus, S

Morning Planets (before sunrise): 

  • Jupiter, SE
  • Mars, S
  • Mercury, SE
  • Venus, SE

Phases of the Moon: 

Phase Date Current Moon Info
Full Moon January 1

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Last Quarter Moon January 8
New Moon January 16
First Quarter Moon January 24


There are no comets brighter than magnitude 8 visible this month.


The Quadrantid meteor shower peaks on January 3. This year's display is poorer than usual, with interference from bright moonlight; the count may reach barely a fifth of its typical 100 meteor / hour rate.