Gilbert Rotary Centennial Observatory
- In the Sky for December 2018 -

Source: EVAC December Newsletter

The Moon & Planets: 

Evening Planets (after sunset): 

  • Saturn, SW
  • Mars, S
  • Neptune, S
  • Uranus, SE

Morning Planets (before sunrise): 

  • Venus, SE
  • Mercury, SE
  • Jupiter, SE

Phases of the Moon: 

Phase Date Time Current Moon Info
New Moon December 7 00:20 MT

First Quarter Moon December 15 04:49 MT
Full Moon December 22 10:48 MT
Last Quarter Moon December 29 02:34 MT


Comet 46P Wirtanen reaches its closest distance from the Sun on December 13, and makes a close approach to Earth (7.2 million miles, or 29 lunar-distances) on the 16th. As with all comets, brightness projections are unreliable; however, some estimates place the comet becoming as bright as magnitude 4. This would make it a "naked-eye comet," visible to observers under dark skies.


The Geminid meteor shower peaks on December 14/15. After the waxing crescent Moon sets around midnight, you may see up to 120 meteors per hour under dark skies.